The Dirty Dozen…

This is from the website K9 Critical Care, a place I trust and purchased Pet Mix food when Cody was first diagnosed. The only reason I stopped using this mix and started to prepare Cody’s food from fresh whole ingredients was the cost… shipping and the food itself were very costly and Cody was a big dog with big vet bills. Important info here and great links… I urge you to take a look and do your own research as well. The life of your pets may depend on it… all in the name of a buck….


The recent consumer uproar concerning dog treats made in China and “pink slime”, has shown not only the power of social media and word-of-mouth, but also the consumers’ desire to know what is in the products they are feeding their pets, and from where it came.   Dog food manufacturers utilize a number of misleading terms in their ingredients list, which must be illuminated in order for consumers to make informed decisions.

Wheat – the number one allergen in dogs and a contributing factor to canine obesity

Corn  – Useless filler that is a known cause of allergies and is difficult for dogs to digest.

Corn gluten meal  – Even worse than corn.  Patented as a weed killer in 1991.

Soy –  Considered a low-quality, incomplete protein well known to create food allergies in pets.

By-product meal – Bones, blood, intestines, lungs, ligaments, heads, feet, and feathers.

Animal Digest – the most disgusting ingredient of all.  A combination of many animal parts: dead, dying, diseased or dying prior to slaughter.

Ethoxoquin – Used in the production of rubber and banned for use in human foods.

Egg product – eggshells, eggs that may have gone rancid or spoiled

Brewer’s Rice – the broken shells of rice that lack nutrients and have been discarded by other food manufacturing processes; floor sweepings.

Cellulose – Just another name for sawdust. Very harsh on the digestive system.

Sugar in any form – Useless, unnecessary and adds empty calories.

Propylene glycol – Added as a sweetener.  Used in antifreeze solutions, in hydraulic fluids, and as a solvent.

Check the ingredients list on the dog food you buy.

Doesn’t your dog deserve the best? Doesn’t your dog deserve Healthy Dogma?

Try homemade dog food: PetMix Original

Recommended Dog Foods:

Grain Free:

  • PetMix Homemade Dog Food
  • Acana
  • Bravo
  • California Naturals
  • Fromm
  • Holistic Blend
  • Natures Logic
  • Now
  • Orijen
  • Pinnacle
  • Primal
  • Nutreco
  • Grandma Maes

Foods with whole grains: recommended for active dogs.

  • California Naturals
  • Nutreco
  • GO!
  • Fromm Gold
  • Fromm Four Stars
  • Grandma Maes

What are you feed your dog now? Find out what rating it gets from two independent websites:

Dog Food Analysis:Your independent site for dog food information and reviews.

Dog Food Advisor:

Dog food reviews and dog food ratings updated regularly.

The Dog Food Analysis website above has a great purpose and this is from their ABOUT page. However there are no reviews of the Blue Buffalo Puppy Wilderness Chicken that I feed Oscar so I will be contacting them for some info:

“About Dog Food Analysis

Why does this site exist?

Because commercial pet food is, historically and on average, so incredibly awful. Really, that is the reality of the commercial pet food industry. We are bombarded with advertising that conjures up images of plump juicy chickens and garden fresh vegetables, told that the various foods around are scientifically formulated to provide our pets with every nutritional advantage and meet every need. At the same time, many of us feel we need a science degree just to interpret the labels. But the reality is quite different. “Scientifically formulated” is a term with no meaning. Do you scientifically formulate your dinner? Do you think you need to? Sounds quite ridiculous, doesn’t it. No, you (hopefully) consume a range of fresh foods. That’s what your pets should be consuming too. 

Sadly, that’s not what goes into most pet foods. Many pet foods are made up mostly of grain fragments (the left overs from the human food industry), with a small amount of meat thrown in and the whole thing coated with recycled used (and frequently carcinogenic) fats to make it palatable to our pets. In most cases, these are things we’d refuse to feed our pets if we saw them in their raw state. So why would we feed them when they are transformed into dry extruded pellets? Why are we feeding carnivores on grains anyway? We wouldn’t try to feed fish to a cow, so why try to feed grains to our carnivorous cats and dogs? The answer is simple – it is far cheaper than feeding meat, and in any case, we can’t make kibble without them (it won’t stick together). But it has nothing whatsoever to do with good or species-appropriate nutrition for our pets. Neither cats nor dogs have any evolved need of carbohydrates in their diet at all, and these are readily converted to fat.

It is not the point of this site to explain what is wrong with many commercial pet foods, or to expose the many scandals and unpleasant practices that have gone on in this industry. If you’re interested, it is easy to find that information for yourself. You’re on the internet now: just do a search for information on things like “4-D meats”, “phenobarbitol in pet food”, “foods pets die for” and “what’s really in pet food”. You will probably find the results an unpleasant surprise.

Rather, the intent of this site is to give an assessment of the various commercial foods available, based on the ingredient information given by the manufacturer. No food can magically be better than the ingredients used to make it, and the information on this site constitutes our opinion of those ingredients and the overall species-appropriate quality of the food.

The ratings given and comments made about the foods assessed on this site and ingredients listed are the opinion of the Editors, who are a small team of volunteers each with a long standing interest in dog nutrition. If you disagree with their opinion, you are free to ignore it (do not email us because you are upset that the product you choose has been criticised or badly rated – we do not control what the manufacturer puts in the food). Click here to see how we assess the foods.”

And this is a very interesting review of Blue Wilderness with even more interesting comments:

As I said in my last post… as if you have nothing else on your plate this research into what you and your pet’s eat is time consuming yet important. I hope these links help you….

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on February 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Dirty Dozen…”

  1. What are you feeding your little guy? I can’t decide on a food and I pick up my new puppy friday!

    • I am feeding Oscar Blue Wilderness puppy formula. But as I said he is having constant diarrhea so I’m questioning my choice. Although it does in every forum I read get great reviews. It could be that he is a little bulldozer and eats all kinds of stuff everywhere he walks. That could be causing his diarrhea. But the fact that it is pretty constant concerns me. But he is growing like a weed, his coat is shiny and beautiful, his eyes are clear and bright, and he seems happy enough and devours the food.

      If you try it let me know how your puppy does on it

      Sent from my iPhone

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