Cody’s Regimen…


Someone just asked me recently what I did to treat him when I found out Cody had Lymphoma, besides Chemo. When I started to tell her what I had done i realized that it was a lot of information and it is spread out all over this blog… but not concisely in one place to reference. So that is what this is…. I have not  thought about this is a while so hopefully I can remember everything… although I do not know how I could forget it…

  1. The very first thing I did was take him immediately off of tap water. He got bottled spring water ONLY from that day on. This is because our tap water here in Florida is notoriously laced with remnants of meds, bacteria, pesticides and it smells like bleach. I was told from random places that I called all over the country getting advice on how to treat Cody that Florida especially was one of the highest rates for Canine Cancer and they suspect it is from the water. There is also the lawn treatments for pesticides, mosquitoes, that scare me so I would walk him and then have him step in the pool to wash his feet.
  2. I changed his diet. ABSOLUTELY NO GRAINS OR CARBS. This turns to sugar in the blood stream and SUGAR FEEDS CANCER. I actually prepared his food for him. I bought ground turkey, chicken and sometimes for a treat, beef, from Whole Foods that were antibiotic and hormone free. I would saute that in a tiny bit of spring water and then add veggies galore. Mostly leafy greens like spinach and kale, broccoli (he loved it and loved the stems to chew on), some carrots and squash, zucchini…  whatever veggies I could find to bulk it up. Then  I took organic olive oil and would add that to his food without cooking and mix it in with flax seeds. He maintained his weight on this diet too. Sometimes I would add a boiled egg to boost his protein as well.
  3. I gave him a ton of supplements a day. He got them mixed with each meal and never spit them out:
    •  Tahitian Noni (both meals)
    • Omega 3 (not 6!) very important (both meals)
    • Spirulina (both meals)
    • CoQ10 (mornings only)
    • Probiotics (both meals)
    • Echinacea (mornings only)
    • Mulitvitamin (mornings only)
  4. No milkbones or any treats like that (Carbs and sugar again) so I got him organic jerky for treats.
  5. Exercise!!! I took Cody running every single day. He loved to chase the tennis ball across the street and we did it like clockwork every morning. No matter what was going on with me in my busy schedule I always took him to run. And no matter how he was feeling he absolutely loved it and I would have to force him to stop before he got too worn out.
  6. PEANUT BUTTER. Organic natural peanut butter was our best friend and helped with his meds and was his favorite treat. NO SUGAR ADDED!

I am not going to lie to you… it was expensive and time consuming but it was so worth every penny and hour. I would do it all again. This regimen gave me almost two extra years with him that I would not have had otherwise. He never went into remission, his cancer was that “hot”…  incredibly aggressive and evil. But we did our best and we got added time together. Time I would not trade for the world.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all… I am happy to help. And I highly recommend looking into Veterinary Oncology Services (I linked that blog entry here), the experimental treatment we tried when chemo was no longer an option for Cody. Apparently the other dogs that Dr Butzer has tried this treatment with are still doing great. I find that treatment more in tune with my beliefs than traditional chemo… but who knows if it would have worked for Cody’s aggressive cancer had we started it earlier. One mistake I made was the steroid (Cody could not handle Prednisone so it was a derivative of that) during that treatment to reduce his glands because they started to get huge in his neck and he was uncomfortable. Apparently that hindered the treatment’s ability to attack the cancer. I had no idea and neither did Dr Butzer. I am not sure however, that it would have made much of a difference at that late stage for him.

I hope this helps anyone going through this. It is not easy on your wallet but mostly  on your heart. I would be happy to talk to anyone who needs guidance with any of this. Hang in there!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on March 22, 2013.

3 Responses to “Cody’s Regimen…”

  1. Oh man. What a great picture. What a face. What a great dog. I miss you like hell Cody, a dog I never met. Is that nuts or what? I don’t care…the pain they put us through, it’s all worth it. What would life be without animals, if it was just nasty, gotcha politics, Kardashians, poverty and oil spills. It would be unbearable. Thanks Michelle, once again, for all of this. All of it. You’re amazing.

  2. Wow so beautiful! You are an amazing mommy and Cody is a lucky four legged child.
    i have a dog, he is 11, 62 lbs mixed breed who was diagnosed with mast cel tumor in August 2012 , it was removed . Now it looks like the cancer spread to his lymph nodes.
    I have been giving him Protocel 23 for 12 days now, so far no difference except he has a lot of energy.
    have you given Protocel to Cody? Any advice would be so appreciated. I have tried Essiac tea as well but it didn’t seem to help.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Suzanna,

    I never ended up trying Protocel with Cody. The more I read about it the more i became skeptical and did not want to waste the money to try it if I was so skeptical. I have read many mixed reviews and results about it. Instead I went with traditional Chemo (The Wisconsin Protocol) and his diet and supplements. He thrived for almost two years after diagnosis with this type of regimen. However, had I known earlier on about the Veterinary Oncology treatment, I think I would have halted chemo and gone just with that. It is amazing and has apparently been incredibly successful. If you can afford it, look into that. They take a sample of your dog’s cancer cells and create a vaccine that is tailor made to your dog’s cancer. They inject that back into your animal and it fights the cancer on it’s own. Your dog is fighting the cancer with his/her own immune system. Makes perfect sense!

    My vet has used this treatment on a couple dogs with great success. One has been in remission for almost six months which is amazing.

    Let me know if you continue with the Protocel and if it helps. Also I highly recommend the dietary and supplement changes. Especially the Tahitian Noni…

    Good luck and hugs to your baby!

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