Suuuuper Genius…..

I am a Facebook junkie. There I said it. I use it for business networking… personal connections… and I am on a ton of feeds for rescue orgs and pet stuff in general. Especially Pitbull rescue and education. Well, someone posted this on one of the many sites I monitor and I was BLOWN AWAY! The amazing potential that this captures in this breed is stunning… they are NOT AT ALL the demons folks make them out to be.  They are a complete reflection (like any dog is) of their owners. But they are feared and demonized and it is sad and frustrating!

Example: I took Oscar for his first trip to Camp Canine, a doggy daycare and cageless boarding facility that I used to take Cody to when he was healthy, and i had to go out of town for the weekend. I never asked them anything about their breed policy since Cody was a Labrador. Well, when I told them about Oscar and that I was not sure what kind of mix he was, they told me that I would need to bring him in for evaluation and if he RESEMBLED a Pitbull, they could not take him. It was simply their policy and that was that.


Wow I was floored. I had no idea. It took them down a few pegs in my book… however he did pass the Pitbull test and was admitted with no problems. I am still shocked however.

Anyway… here is this amazing video! Just look at this beast! He is AMAZING!!!! And happy!

On another note, but same vein… I saw a post on Facebook from Labrador Rescue of Florida that this sweet baby Luke, an 11 year old Chocolate Labrador, was abandoned and is looking for a home. Again… how does this happen. I saw his picture and fell in love, submitted an application online, paid the donation fee and asked about Luke.

LukeThe org is coming for a home visit on Monday and I may end up with a wonderful senior companion for my lil terror Oscar. I know I can make Luke happy in the time he has left on this planet. I will be sure and make up for the abandonment issues his previous owners instilled.

It sickens me that people do this.  Look at that face.

I am sure I am crazy for adding another large mouth to feed to my already furry home, but my heart breaks for these senior dogs and I just can’t look away. I will let you all know what happens.

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on April 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Suuuuper Genius…..”

  1. Wow. The power and strength of that dog in that video is amazing! I too am on a lot of the rescue sites and I seem to fall in love with all of them. It breaks my heart not only seeing videos of abandoned and/ or abused and then abandoned and the senior dogs who may only have a few years if that much but just need to be loved. The people who open their hearts to these dogs and the vets who care for them until they can start to heal and be adopted are just wonderful. I truly hope that your application will be accepted and that Luke will be yours to love and give Oscar a buddy too!

  2. Thanks Susan! The woman I spoke to from the Rescue org said they love people like me who are interested in senior dogs, they are in awe. She told me she had a fostered senior that she had for FOUR YEARS and he was finally adopted. They have a hard time and it is so incredibly sad. But what’s not to love? They are mellow and regardless of their time left, they deserve to be loved just like any other.

    I hope I get Luke… I look at his picture all the time and feel good about him. He would hit the lottery!

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