It was one year ago today (tonight at 7:22pm) that my sweet boy crossed over. It was the last day I spent with him on this earth and it was one of the longest most brutal days of my life so far. It was emotional and exhausting both mentally and physically… and it was incredibly sad.

But it was beautiful too…


I look at his last tennis ball every day in my living room propped up on his urn with his ashes and remember how he was always ready to play with love and kisses whenever I needed it.And today as I play with Oscar in the pool I will be thinking of Cody and our fun days… not his sick days.


In my last post my link to the blog entry that I referred to was incorrect… it was the next day’s entry that I fear reading again… but after I post this I am going to do it. I remember it all vividly… but I need to read it anyway. Getting the tissues ready…

If I Had The World To Give…

So join me in a toast to my sweet boy at some point today, right now with coffee and maybe later again with a nice cold beverage on this hot day!  And hug your furry babies too… play with them… give them lots of love today and every day.


He was and always will be, THE BEST!

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on June 29, 2013.

2 Responses to “Remembering…”

  1. I will toast to Cody today. As usual your blog had me in tears. I went up to Kuma’s ashes this morning and took out his patch of fur that I kept and kissed it.
    Best to you,
    Joann & Kuma

  2. Today as I prepare to give Dudley his latest chemo, a new dose of Leukeran in place of the Cytoxan that gave him hemorrhagic sterile cystitis, (wow, all these new words I am learning to spell!! …or not. Oh!) and hopefully continue to destroy the cancer cells that are trying to survive within him… I read your June 29th posting and weep. June 28th is the anniversary of my mom’s suicide, always a tough time for me!!! And I also read that you have a new lab buddy, Lucas… well, I also have a Lukas… Dudley’s “brother”, a wheaten poo (or something like that mix) who I found on the streets of Mexico back in 2007. While we take THE journey along with Dudley, surviving with cancer, Lukas has been by both our sides., loving us, caring for our hearts and prodding Dudley and me to go for walks. Ahhh! Looking forward to your next posting… Thanks.

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