Oscar The Glass Eater…

Oscar is being incredibly destructive lately. INCREDIBLY destructive. There have been minor incidents prior that i have mentioned in older posts but the bar has now been raised. Prior it was just a shoe here and there sporadically… But this is different.

It started after his three and a half day stint at Camp Canine while i was away for the weekend. He is always totally wiped out when he comes back from time with all the other dogs, which he was.



He was so wiped out he had absolutely no interest when I would go in and out of the house or try to play with him or engage him in any way. I don’t know what they do to the dogs when they hang out at Camp Canine but he was dead to the world! I had dropped him off on Thursday and picked him up Sunday afternoon around 1 PM, so all afternoon on Sunday it was like I didn’t even have a dog in the house!

Monday morning getting ready for work he was not at all interested in our usual three-mile walk, still exhausted. So I left for work and when I came home for lunch this “exhausted” dog had torn up all the mail that I had on my kitchen counter all over the house. It was like confetti all over my living room!



He knows he does something wrong, soon as I walk in he is cowering in the corner with his ears down and his tail tucked. Of course I know that at the point that I walk in it is been so many hours since it actually happened that it is pointless to correct him. He watches me clean it all up and i know he reads my mood. What else can I do?

It’s always in the morning too. The afternoon by himself from after lunch until I get home from work is fine. No destruction. The next morning I took him on our long walk/run to get him a bit tuckered. Came home for lunch and he had torn apart shoes, and one of my lunch bags (small portable soft cooler). The next day I puppy proofed. At least I thought so. He got napkins off the counter, the cat bed… This went on all week. On Friday I was going out to lunch with coworkers and left a different soft cooler lunch box on the counter to dry after I cleaned it out the night before. He completely destroyed that one!

Now comes the discussion of whether to crate him again. I understand the value of it, but I hate it. Oscar will be one years old on September 5 and he had been really good for a while. I haven’t had to crate him in months. But this is getting ridiculous. Friday night I went out with some friends to see some music and I was only gone for maybe four or five hours. It was long enough to be the last straw and seal the deal for him.




He tore up my rain coat which was hanging on a coat rack by the front door, all over the house. Completely shredded. He destroyed his collar, ate the plastic clasps to nothing and his leash had been chewed. But the topper… the pinnacle…. He got my reading glasses and absolutely destroyed them. I found lens glass all over the house and gathering it up i realized, he either hid some really well or ate it. Now it was a matter of him possibly hurting himself… Totally dangerous. Not to mention getting home from a night out and having to clean the entire house. Ugh!

So crate it is. It sucks and hurts me but it has to be done for his own protection. And hopefully it is only a small temporary bump and we can be back to free range in no time. It is a tough call when it is ok to stop crating… Trial and error… But it is even tougher to proof the house. He finds things! And of course i cannot risk it…

I will keep you posted.

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on August 11, 2013.

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