You Say It’s Your Birthday (Insert Beatles Song Here)

Today is my little monster’s first birthday! Oscar is now ONE! It is actually hard to believe how fast the year has gone by for my fellow Virgo. My birthday is in a few days as well so we share our celebrations. In fact I have a niece and nephew who share Oscar’s birthday today as well. So Happy Virgo Birthdays to all my loved ones, and especially my sweet growing boy who is of course handsome as ever!


Let’s look at the year in review a bit and see how much this nutty dog has grown and changed since I got him… so tiny and sweet…


He was a teensie lil thing and so adorably cute in all his puppyhood. That small cute puppy belly does not last very long and I did not have that with Cody, so it was a great treat to have it with Oscar. I may have spoiled him a bit too much and created a Mama’s boy, inadvertently. He absolutely needs to touch me when he sleeps. I am sure this is all my fault. Guilty! But the good thing about holding him so much as a baby is that he lets me cuddle up to him still as an adolescent and that makes me happy. It was one of my favorite things to do with Cody and I am glad Oscar likes it.

Some things that he started life with that I did not teach him, he has kept and has grown into which is very interesting. Born into him I guess, is his vocal ‘talking”, which he has done since the day I got him. He growl talks; not at all threatening and pretty funny actually. Although if you did not know him you may take it offensively. He wags his tail while he does it too. I think it is hilarious which probably encourages it but he is all mine, so it’s ok. He also whines. A LOT. This is something I do not really understand but he has always done it and has yet to outgrow it. He does it when he is in the car THE WHOLE TIME… and even when he is chewing a toy at times. Very odd. But all Oscar.

He hops. He jumps on tables and chairs. He is a really good hop/jumper, and he gets really high in the air and effortlessly too. I feel I need to channel this into some kind of activity but I have yet to find what that will be. I would like to take him to an agility course at some point but most are only available if you are taking a class for it, and i am not that committed yet. He does jump into the pool now and is learning to swim a lot better.

Photo 2

The swimming has gotten SO much better and we are sans life vest now. I actually trust him and his ability enough to let him swim freely which is a relief. He still rarely uses his back legs unless he is motoring to get a tennis ball, and mostly he just cruises around lazily and lets the back legs hang so his ass sinks. It is hilarious and causes his front legs to do a lot more work. He either has not put it all together yet, or he doesn’t care.



I am curious if he will outgrow any of his weird behaviors like the whining. I HOPE!!! That is the only one I would like to see less of. Maybe the separation anxiety too but that is slowly getting better.

So this morning for his first birthday I left him alone in the house with a brand new antler and the promise that I will spoil him rotten when I get home from work. Just like every day. Hopefully he will be good (which he has been for the most part) and not tear anything up in the house. Like i said he is getting better. Every day he is improving in the Destructive Department. That makes Mama happy…

I am thinking we will go in the pool and play after work… he loves that. He takes breaks from swimming by jumping into a lounge chair and hanging his head off it dripping wet, and smiling. I need to get a picture of that sometime! He has a very distinctive smile and being all black with the whitest of white new teeth, it is priceless! You have to laugh when he grins at you…

So Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy!!! One years old and counting to a long long life!!!




Update: I ended up picking up some Frosty Paws doggie ice cream for the boy on my way home from work. So we went in the pool, had a blast, ate dinner and then I broke out the ice cream. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HIS EYES!!!! HAHAHAA!!!

I swear I don’t know if i have ever seen his eyes that bog or his tongue move that fast. He loved it!!!


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on September 5, 2013.

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