The Importance of Rescue…


I wake up every morning with the joy of the stinkiest breath in my face and tons of incessant wet kisses saying hello. Even with the crook in my back from sharing a too small bed with a large dog, I wake up smiling every day knowing he is right there and happy to see me. And that HE is happy. I cannot imagine life any other way. It was like that for close to seven years with Cody, it is like that now with Oscar. And the cats too. It feels right and good and I love them all like they were born to me as my children. My life revolves around them all and what is good or not for them.


Good pet parents are the same way. We all have our own unique styles of parenting, but one thing that is consistent is the love we have for our furry kids. I am very proud to know and work with some amazing rescue organizations who do incredible work to save and change the lives of adorable and sweet dogs who deserve a second chance. Or their first chance sometimes. To be on call, act immediately and roam the streets looking to save animals is a calling for the strong of heart because it is heartbreaking work. But so incredibly rewarding.


I hope some day my life and work can be so rewarding. This type of story that I will share with you here inspires me to change my life and move more in this direction, acting on it rather than simply blogging about it. I can spread awareness here, but it is not enough. Not enough for me anyway.


This organization in Los Angeles is one of many who do similar work but the difference is they document it, and you can see the reward in these dogs at the end of the video. It is worth the journey. It is worth the chance to take on a discarded animal, and bring them back from despair. You can see the transformation here. That is why it is so important to document this kind of rescue. It inspires people like it inspires me. Even if it just brings someone to awareness and they decide to share these types of stories and video, a simple mouse-click…. or one step further they leave food for a homeless animal, or make a phone call to a NO KILL shelter to come and get the animal, or they send a donation to a NO KILL shelter or rescue… or even better they get involved by volunteering or even fostering. If a simple video or story can inspire someone to take even the smallest of actions, change is made.

It is so simple.

Ever since I was a little girl I loved horses and dreamed of owning a ranch somewhere… lots of land a space to have all the animals I could fit and feed. I still have that dream, but I really want to include in that dream ranch a place for rescue animals. I believe in Karma… and if you are a good person who reaches out and helps others… it comes back to you in a good way…

I am gonna work on that…

~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on October 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Importance of Rescue…”

  1. That yawn is hilarious I notice he has black spots on his tongue I wonder if he has chow in him?

    • I think he must have a bit of Chow, he also has a VERY curly tail. I definitely think he has some sort of herding breed in him too, some kind of Shepherd and a bit of Labrador.

      I just say he is my Black dog. Ha!

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