Honk If You Love Dr. Butzer!!!


And it’s Kennel Cough for the win!

Poor Oscar, he was coughing so bad yesterday morning, all that night in fact that I made an appointment and took him to see Doc yesterday afternoon. When I called they told me that it could run it’s course but it is better to have him at least on a cough suppressant so that he is more comfortable and can actually sleep. Which he did very little of (and neither did I) on Monday night. I know how my chest hurts when I am wracked with coughing so I decided it was best for him.

I took him to Clint Moore yesterday afternoon leaving work early. We had a 3pm appointment and when we got there they put us right into a room. Oscar is a very strange dog. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot he started crying and yelping. He does this all the time… dog park, stores, vet… wherever we are as soon as the car is parked he whines. Except for my own driveway. Your guess is as good as mine.


We get into the room and he is whining, hiding behind me, and being just odd. A tech comes in to ask me what is going on and he is literally on the bench I am sitting on hiding behind me, squished between me and the wall! So weird! She takes him to get his temp taken and weighed which I am actually excited about since he has not been weighed since March and he was 40lbs. She comes back and he runs over to me, jumps on me like he has not seen me in days and then hides behind me again. His temp is normal and he weighs a whopping 63 lbs!!!!! That is basically in line with Cody!

And then the waiting begins……………………….. and more waiting…………….. and more waiting………………

Oscar whines…. paces….

I play Candy Crush Saga and search the internet on my phone while watching my battery drain from 80% to 30%….

And we wait……………………..

As I said we had a 3pm appointment. Doc came in to see Oscar at 4:30pm… ugh………

Now let me just state for the record that he is TOTALLY worth the wait. I love this man. He truly is the best there is and I am very lucky, and my animals are very lucky to have found him. So I am not at all complaining that we waited… but it was a bit brutal I am not gonna lie to ya…. poor Oscar had no idea what was going on and was nervous and shaking and pacing for the hour and a half we were in there.

So Doc comes in and Oscar hides behind me! I am shocked. Doc, unfazed, lays on the floor and talks to him. And I mean he lays on the floor… all the way down on that dirty floor. Doc apologizes for the wait and tells me about the surgery he was just doing that proved more involved than he was expecting and he had to remove a tonsil in a smaller dog that was easy. All this while he is inching over to Oscar, almost Curly Shuffle (see minute 3:30 for prime Curly!)  like, and slowly Oscar is warming up to him. They get closer and closer and pretty soon Oscar is licking his face and totally responding.

Doc is ALL love. Honestly he truly is the best. We talked about what we think Oscar is a mix of, we figure at the least three breeds but probably more like 5 or 6. He thinks there is definitely SOME Lab, but maybe some Border Collie, Shepherd, Chow, maybe some Pitbull in there. He was astounded at how healthy and shiny he is, in such great shape. He asked what I feed him and I told him I found Orijen online so I order him that and he loved it. Basically he was incredibly happy to see Oscar, it had been a while.

Doc also told me that he is treating a dog that looks a lot like Cody. This one is red like he was, 6 years old and has Lymphoma. It breaks his heart, and mine. But the kicker is that the owner is pregnant so every time this dog comes in for chemo she leaves him there for three days afterwards because she is afraid to be around him!

Soapbox: Any of you who have a dog going through chemo or any cancer treatments can attest that it is already tough on the dog. They do NOT feel good after treatment and it is SO important to comfort them, give them love and nurse them back to health! Now this poor baby associates the most amazing doctor with horror and abandonment and no doubt is depressed while being treated. Stuck in a cage and with his immune system compromised it is no way to treat your dog who is going through something so traumatic anyway. And I get the fear of the chemo and being preggers but please… just do not pick up after him and you will be fine.

Ok stepping down now. Doc was upset by it too and said he tries to explain to her that it is fine to take him home but she will not budge. Sad.

Anyway… Oscar was prescribed three meds that he takes twice a day until they are gone, Temaril, Doxycycline and Tussigon. I have given them to him in peanut butter and we have had no issues with him munching them down. They do make him dopey though… the Tussigon is a Hydrocodone to suppress his cough and it makes him loopy. 20131106-112929.jpg

But his cough already sounds better this morning.

Doc Butzer – Miracle Worker…

So we are on the mend and soon we will be exercising again to get out that excess energy… which once the meds wear off he desperately needs.


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on November 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “Honk If You Love Dr. Butzer!!!”

  1. He sure is a good looking dog.
    All the best

    • Thanks Joann… he is handsome boy! It is funny I joke about how he is so black and his eyes are so dark that sometimes when he looks at me straight on he looks like a gorilla. I have to get a picture of that somehow but he just blends in to pictures so it is hard to see…. hilarious!

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