I Was That Crazy Lady This Morning…

I am one of those crazy women who actually enjoys mowing her own lawn. I love the sense of accomplishment, I love the smell of fresh-cut grass, I do it right after my run and I love the little added workout that I get pushing the lawnmower. But this is not why I was THAT crazy lady this morning…

Now before I get into what happened let me backtrack a little bit…

It is a common sight in my neighborhood which is gorgeous by the way, to see piles of fast food trash thrown on the sides of the road. Being somewhat of a hippy child, and remembering when I grew up how littering was completely wrong in so many ways, it astounds me. I truly have a big problem with this. On many occasions I have brought it up with my homeowners Association, and they say they know it is the lawn workers who tend to toss the trash out when they’re done having lunch in the shade somewhere. But nothing ever seems to be done about it. Again another source of absolute frustration for me. But the landscapers are not the only ones who do this, a lot of the kids in the neighborhood do it as well. I have seen them dump beer bottles and trash before. However I am not stupid enough to walk up to a carload of boys and go absolutely bonkers. I do have some sense.





So this morning as I was right in the middle of mowing and a group of high school kids apparently we’re going in at a later time today, walking to the bus stop at the corner across the street from my house. I watch this kid, a young and healthy good-looking kid who walks right by me,  toss trash right in front of me at the lake towards the ducks that were hanging out right there. I was blown away. I stopped mowing but kept the lawnmower going, and stared unbelieving at this kid, and then back again to see if he actually did toss trash like I think I saw. I just kind of lost it. I stopped the lawnmower, turned it off, and walked directly over to where the trash was. I picked it up, and walked directly across the street towards him with all of his friends staring at me as I get closer towards them. There was a young girl with her mouth agape watching me. As I got closer to him I said “Excuse me! Excuse me! I think you dropped this. I don’t know who you think is going to clean this shit up for you, but it is not going to be me!” And I handed it to him. He took it and said nothing and continue to talk to his friends. I turned and walked back to finish my lawn. After the bus came and picked him up I walked over and there it was, laying right where he stood.

What a cool guy.

Now, I am not one to make grand blanket statements about society in general just from one or two incidents. So let me tell you about another one that happened just recently.

My husband and I take our dog to the beach every Sunday, or at least we try to. We were there a few weekends ago and being that Oscar is scared of people we take notice of anyone that walks onto the beach anywhere near us. We watched this group of students, I believe that they were FAU students since that school is literally blocks away from this particular beach, filming something in a group. They had bags with them that were filled with trash. And I watch them throw trash onto the beach and film themselves pretending to pick it up. Making sure to fix their hair and their lovely hippy dresses while they were doing it. They staged and staged picking up trash on the beach that actually had trash on it. They buried their own, strategically placed it around, and then filmed each other picking it up while they said “we’re going to clean up the beach today!”

I took my own pictures of this fiasco:








Now I ask you, is this what we want to teach our children? Are these the hands we want to leave the world in?

I am simply blown away about what I see here. Florida is one of the most beautiful places in the country. The amount of plants, ocean, beautiful blue sky, and wonderful wildlife should make you feel it is worth preserving. Instead of taking it for granted that someone else will clean up your shit after you.

Blown away. But more than that I am sad for our future. The blatant disregard for anyone that comes after you is apparent in so many ways and this is just one small example.


~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on October 9, 2014.

2 Responses to “I Was That Crazy Lady This Morning…”

  1. Michelle,

    Absolutely back you up on everything you said.

    While I’ve never been to Florida, it sure looks beautiful. But there’s nowhere on Earth that this behaviour should be accepted. It feels like a losing battle (doesn’t it?) but I continue to wage it. I’m always cleaning up our parkette, and there it is the next day, covered in waste and recyclables – yet again – when the proper containers are RIGHT F###ING THERE. Hello?

    Okay, my blood pressure just spiked. What the hell is wrong with (some) people? Good on you for speaking up. (But please be safe. You never know who you might set off!)

    Have a great weekend. And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all you and your litter-free family, furred and un-furred.

    Alex and Dwight and furry pals,

    • Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and Dwight!!! And the fur babies!!!

      And yes, I need to practice safety first on my knee jerks but that one just annoyed me so much, simply because he was obtuse enough to not care who saw him do it. He saw me. I was mowing the lawn. An adult (although a rather small one) but no matter, he just carelessly tosses trash willy nilly. I hope I at least embarrassed him and made him think twice about doing it again. Although that being said he left it where he was standing and I did in fact “pick up his shit” for him…


      Ok… shaking it off. Have a great weekend Alex! xoxoxoxox

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