There’s A New Sheriff In Town

We are dog sitting for the weekend. Sheriff is the little girl dog of my guy’s best friend. She was always referred to as Cody’s girlfriend in previous posts. She’s a sweetheart, although a little bit odd. But in good ways which are definitely different than big dog ways. She’s not a toy breed, in fact I’m not really sure what kind of breed she is. But she likes to be held, cuddled, she likes to sit right in front of you as close as she can get to your nose and stare at you longingly. You really have to coax her to eat, and she really doesn’t poop very well either. She’s pooped once this weekend so far. That is not something I ever had to worry about with Cody! Ha!

I was curious about babysitting her for two reasons this weekend. The first one was, how would she react with the smell of Cody in the house, but no Cody. And the second one was how would I feel about having a dog in the house again. I wasn’t too worried about the second one. And clearly from the picture below you can see why it really wasn’t a problem.


She’s a lovey little creature. And it is so good to have a dog in the house. The tap tap tap behind me as I walk from room to room, something that I so missed.


I took her for a walk this morning across the street where I would take Cody running every day. I haven’t been over there since June. It’s a hard place to go visit when you don’t have a reason. And it’s funny because she did not react the way Cody would react walking the little cluster of trees over there. Cody was all about going from tree to tree sniffing and peeing on every tree. Sheriff on the other hand wanted to walk as far away from the trees as possible and stare at the cars that were driving by. Totally different dogs. It made me realize that when I do finally get another boy, it won’t be an attempt at replacing Cody. There is no way that could ever happen. All dogs are different in their own special ways.


I have also been looking at rescue organizations almost every day, and have found one in Miami that is actually a kill shelter. I am thinking I definitely want to save an animal from there. They seem to have labrador puppies on a regular basis as well, and since I’ve never really had a puppy (Cody was a tall lanky adolescent when I got him) I would like to get something that’s very young that I can train well. And has that puppy potbelly and that puppy breath I love.

So all in all it is been a good test of whether I’m ready for another dog or not. I think I’ve been ready for a while. I miss the dog in the house and Sheriff has been a good test for me.

Cody loved Sheriff…





~ by Michelle Sammartino-Zeto on October 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “There’s A New Sheriff In Town”

  1. I think you may be ready and I’m sure Cody will approve. Go to the shelter honey I think it’s time :)

  2. laps without puppies=sad
    laps with puppies=pure joy!
    what do you say, Michelle?

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